abortion singpaore
abortion singpaore
abortion singpaore
abortion singpaore

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Parkway Women & Fertility Clinic

Less than 8 weeks 1500.00 Net. Fully asleep, 900.00 Net.
Partialy awake. NO GST PAYABLE Not GST Registered More Abortion Cost

ABORTION (Termination of Pregnancy)

Parkway women’s clinic Singapore offers private and confidential abortion up to 16 weeks pregnancy. Cost ranges from SGD 1500.00 Net. Upwards depending on pregnancy size, and other conditions like previous caesarean/ medical conditions etc which may increase the risk on abortion and cost in Singapore.

We are MOH approved Women’s Abortion Clinics in Singapore- Safety & Confidentiality comes first.

At this clinic we understand how difficult this decision must have been for you. We are non-judgemental and we believe in the woman’s right to choose whether to have induced abortion or to continue with her pregnancy. The Parkway Women & Fertility Clinic provides legal, personalised and confidential abortion services from the very early pregnancy that can be seen by the ultra sound till up to 16 weeks gestation as an outpatient procedure in a comfortable setting.

Our nursing and counseling staff are caring and competent and patients are fully informed on what to expect, possible risks and options available.

Safety is our top priority and we take extra steps to provide an extra measure of safety for our patients. We also provide full contraceptive advice and procedures like IUD (Intra- Uterine Device), contraceptive implant and sterilization can be performed at the same time as the abortion.

Abortion cost Singapore ? How much does it cost to have an abortion?

A pre-abortion counselling, ultra-sound examination, counselling and pap smear (to test for cervical cancer) are a mandatory package and no deductible are allowed. The actual procedure fee varies from S$1500.00 upwards (depending on the size of pregnancy & type of anaesthesia used). Please refer here for abortion pricing information.

Can I use my Medisave to pay for the abortion ?

Yes, You can use your medisave account, Husband’s or Parent’s Medisave to a maximum of $900.00. You cannot use your partner’s Medisave unless you married to him.


buntis ka?

kailangan mo bang mapayuhan?

May solusyon diyan.

kailangan nyo lang ng S$1500 (unang walong linggo ng pagbubuntis).

depende sa kondisyon ng iyong pagbubuntis makakatulong din and doktor na nakakapagsalita ng tagalog.



NO. In Singapore by law parents do not require to be told of their daughter's abortion. However we recommend that you tell at least one of your parents and you may be surprised that after the intial shock they will have to come to terms and help you because ultimatly they love you.

Up to how many weeks do you terminate pregnancy (foetuses)?

Our clinic terminates pregnancy up to 16 weeks.

Do you provide "Morning After Pill"?

Yes, we do provide the "Morning After Pill" (Emergency Contraception).

Do you have female doctor?

Currently, our doctor is male. However, female nursing staff are present throughout the examination, during and after your surgery.

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